• fix angle calculation problem with linear gradient. (4adbb845)
  • fix the draw error caused by smooth area animation. Closed #373. (407fdf5c)
  • fix the draw error of polyline which has empty points but still fill the area. Closed #363. (2c336837)
  • let 'interval-select' interaction work for mixed charts. Closed #355. (b80aa3ff)

  • fix the error when draw Guide.regionFilter for area chart. Closed #345. (3900565d)
  • add some padding in the vertical direction of chart clip area. Closed #336. (ab485d15)
  • fix the error that when the grid is a function and specify the type as 'arc'. Closed #331. (b27a0727)
  • when the points is empty, return. Closed #316. (82d5c2c7)
  • fix the bug when customizing the legend, the function type marker not work. Closed #317. (d631466c)
  • Optimized geometry shape's id generation strategy. Closed #318. (ea7adc9d)

  • Guide.point, the render method should return the point shape. (e83a3a1c)
  • attrs should be deep clone. Closed #288. (2e4a90b9)
  • when Text shape's text attribute is updated, the textArr attribute should be reset. Closed #302. (1625a22e)
  • if text shape's x or y is NaN, there will be a drawing error in webchart mini program. Related to (4f0ca529)
  • if there is a point with NaN value in the Polyline's points, there will be a drawing error in webchart mini program. (d5b39bef)
  • when text shape's content is 0, ensure it will be rendered. Closed #282. (b35dedf2)

  • support set gradient color in default. Closed #243. (20b18a90)
  • support syncY property to unify multiple Y-axis data ranges. Related to #258. (854685e8)
  • support set default selected shape for pie-select and interval-select interaction. Related to #248. (55364d59)

  • when geom clear, the _width should be reset. Closed #273. (a36aa67f)
  • when chart update, tooltip's _lastActive should be reset. Closed #271. (297ae475)
  • define calculateBBox method for smooth area shape for getBBox(). (ebf8539d)
  • Fix sorting problem for categorical data. Closed #257. (3a129289)

  • add interactions for chart, includes: 'pie-select', 'interval-select', 'pan' and 'pinch'.
  • add{}).
  • add{}).
  • add scrollBar plugin for pan and pinch interaction. (08b18c38)
  • add guide.repaint() method. (e626def6)
  • Guide component add limitInPlot property to limit guide draw in chart plot area. Closed #203 (05bf832c)
  • add show() and hide() methods for Geometry instance. (652ce741)
  • add limitInPlot property for chart, to limit the drawing area of geometrys. (74e53218)
  • the drawing order of geoms can be decided by scale values. (1f2993e6)

  • Fix problem with element zIndex in tooltip. Closed #216 (2b83bb83)
  • fix axis label animation. (8b1f7b19)
  • when x scale is category, do not need to sort data. Closed #202. (184f3937)
  • The position of the canvas in the parent container needs to be considered when calculating the Guide.Html position. (512e025d)
  • timeCat type scale setting values caused an error in chart drawing. (d1391bd3)

  • remove index-common and update index. (38e89096)
  • configuration update. (45333936)
  • handle the compatibility of Element.prototype.remove(). (97215b9a)
  • require from lib folder. (b06507b1)
  • use public package @antv/scale and @antv/adjust. (84e9a90f)
  • use public module @antv/attr. (357679bc)
  • use @antv/util as utility methods. (c619b66b)

  • optimize the process of data. (6f00f7ec)
  • add 16ms delay for canvas draw. (012c9fcc)

  • add test cases for all of the interactions. (77ffa62c)
  • add test case for scrollBar plugin. (b8ac2974)
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